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Blackwood Launches Today for Elder Scrolls Online on PC

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next chapter for Elder Scrolls Online is Blackwood and it launches today for PC with consoles following on June 8. Blackwood brings a bunch of new features and locations for Elder Scrolls Online. Here’s how it breaks down.

First, if you missed the initial reveal, we’ve got you covered. You can catch up on our coverage of the reveal event here. Blackwood takes us back to Cyrodiil to the city of Leyawiin. We’ll also venture east into Gideon as we work on unravel the mystery and thread behind Mehrunes Dagon.

Blackwood is set to feature 30 hours of main quest, tons of side quests, various quality of life improvements, and much more. For instance, the new Companion system will allow you to bring along one NPC during your adventures. To start, there will be two companions to choose from: Mirri Elendis and Bastian Hallix. You’ll be able to customize their gear and skill rotation.

In fact, we were able to get a hands-on preview of Blackwood where we got our first look at companions, endeavors, and more. You can read our hands-on preview here. Alongside companions, Blackwood is just part of the year-long Gates of Oblivion adventure. The year-long content schedule began earlier with the Flames of Ambition dungeon DLC which brought two new dungeons to Elder Scrolls Online: The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa.

Just recently, the team at ZOS showed off the new tutorial experience meant to be a “universal experience” for all players who start the game for the first time. Meant to launch alongside the console release of Blackwood, the next-gen upgrade ESO Console Enhanced was recently delayed out from June 8 and will now release as a free upgrade on June 15.


Poorna Shankar