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Black Screen Issues Plagued DCUO on Xbox

Fix pushed out over the weekend

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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DC Universe Online Xbox players experienced several issues over the weekend, with the team working to resolve. Here are the details.

Several players experienced black screens or the world simply not rendering when they loaded into the game. Additionally, an increased number of crashes were experienced. The list of issues were outlined in detail on a forum post for the game.

Daybreak continually provided updates as they worked around the clock to remedy the issues,

“We have made some progress on tracking down the blank screen/crashing issues. We do not have an ETA on a fix, but we are (literally) working around the clock until it is fixed. We will deploy the fix as soon as we have it.”

Several updates were provided. Eventually, their fix passed their internal testing and they noted that players could expect the fix to be published with a restart on Saturday. If you’re on Xbox and are playing DCUO, did you run into any issues with the Vday update? Have those issues now been fixed for you?


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