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Black Desert's Twins, Woosa and Maegu Debut Today on Different Platforms

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Black Desert Online, fresh off Pearl Abyss’ announcements confirming its Twin Class update is now available across platforms. Woosa and Maegu, the sisters debuting in this update, will each appear on different platforms, with Maegu only available on mobile until sometime in January, when both switch.  

The update is a first for Pearl Abyss (we previewed everything you need to know from our Calpheon Ball recap to a rundown on what Woosa and Maegu will represent), so now that the update has gone live, there’s a lot to learn and explore.

Woosa is available now on PC, PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox. Maegu is live on Black Desert Mobile. Woosa is the calm one, known as “The Enlightened Butterfly”, and uses a fan with Do arts. Making her the one that debuts on more platforms first is intended to have a wider variety of players able to learn how to play her instead of her more aggressive, demanding sister. Woosa’s playstyle is intentionally more leisurely and gives time to learn her kit, even though she’s not lacking in skill or capability. She uses her fan to settle into an almost art-like pose to unleash her skills. 

More skills will come in future updates, as the team notes, “Woosa's Rabam skills and 2 Prime skills are planned to be released in future updates. Her current skills have been balanced in PvE and PvP with the aforementioned skills missing from her skill list”.

As compared to the graceful Woosa, Maegu is  a ranged attacker who uses a fox spirit charm to unleash powerful attacks and also to call upon fox spirits to aid her in breaking enemy lines and preventing enemies’ escape. When compared to her sister, you can see how she’s going to need more skill to master.

With this update and these characters, Pearl Abyss is using new mechanics they haven't used before. The sisters will each become available on the other’s platform(s) in January. The update also starts a few events, improves the Elvia Realm, adds a new fairy level,  and a number of balance changes. 

Read the full update notes at Black Desert Online for more.  


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