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Black Desert's Sage Class Has Arrived On Console Today

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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For Black Desert Console fans, the wait is over. The Sage class has now launched on the console versions of the MMO, bringing the power of the caster to Xbox and PlayStation users.

The Sage himself in Black Desert lore has sealed himself away for the last 49 years after being the first to spot the Black spirit which plays a pivotal role in the plot of the MMO. 

Via this morning's press release:

" The time has come! After sealing himself away for the past 49 years, the new Sage class awakens in Black Desert Console! Sage is a caster-type class, the master of space and time who can manipulate both to bring destruction to his foes. Wielding the cube-shaped ancient weapon Kyve, Sage can open rifts in space to summon powerful magic forces and unleash them for major damage."

Black Desert Console is holding multiple events to celebrate the launch of the class, including rewards for those players who level the Sage to 62 before April 28th, as well as hunting down the Ancient Kyve in the hunting grounds for an enormous buff to skill and combat experience.

Check out the official Black Desert Console website for more information on the Sage. Recently, we had a chance to check it out on the PC version, and I came away impressed by the new class. In fact, the Sage has taken over the top spot as my main in Black Desert Online


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