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Black Desert's Newly Announced Woosa Class Will Be Making The Jump To Mobile In January

Mirrors her twin class jumping from mobile to PC

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Last weekend, Pearl Abyss pulled the veil back on its Twin Classes, the Woosa and Maegu, coming to Black Desert PC and Mobile respectively this month. While we heard that the Maegu is coming to PC in January, Pearl Abyss have confirmed to MMORPG that the Woosa will be jumping to mobile in January as well.

The confirmation comes to us via an interview at the Calpheon Ball with executive producer Jaehee Kim. During the Calpheon Ball 2022 event, the Maegu was officially announced to be coming to PC in January, giving players on PC access to both classes, but curiously absent from the stage show was mention that her sister class, the Woosa, would make a similar jump to Black Desert Mobile

When asked in our interview, Kim confirmed that the fan-weilding, spellcasting class would also be coming to its mobile version in January, ensuring both classes are on the major platforms. 

The two classes are sisters in Black Desert's lore, and, through the circumstances of their upbringing, are enemies in the game. While we've seen the Woosa in action during the stream, Pearl Abyss was somewhat scant with gameplay details of its Maegu spell-casting class, though with some time before its PC launch in January, it stands to reason we'll see more heading into next year. 

The Maegu has already launched on Black Desert Mobile today, while the Woosa will be launching on PC and consoles tomorrow, December 14th. Check out our coverage from the Calpheon Ball, as well as stay tuned for our full interview with Jaehee Kim later this week! If you're curious about the various coupon codes and quality-of-life changes announced during the ball itself, Lowry has you covered here.

Full disclosure: Travel and accommodations for the event were provided by Pearl Abyss.


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