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Black Desert's Latest Xbox One Patch Brings The Tamer To The Fray

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In today's patch, Black Desert has brought The Tamer class into the world, bringing with her Heilang, her unique summon, to Black Desert.

The Tamer offers one of the more unique playstyles in Black Desert, using her short sword and trinket in concert with her summoned Heilang, even eventually allowing you to ride your mount and attack from it once you hit level 49. The new class hits today along with many a patch note to go with it.

Dark Rifts are coming to Black Desert, and these solo challenges offer some interesting rewards, such as Cron stones and an accessory box. You can jump into the Dark Rifts as long as you've completed the Journey to Mediah quest, or if you're in Valencia you'll need the Journey to Valencia quest done.

Another item of note is the revamp going on at Velia Wharf. The wharf itself is under construction, but a new NPC has been added, Proix, in the Dancing Marlin. 

You can check out the full patch notes for Black Desert on Xbox One here, as it brings with it many changes and tweaks to monsters, quests and the other classes. 


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