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Black Desert's 'Find Your Oasis' Event Live Through April 8

Defeat monsters, gather, and fish

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Find Your Oasis event is live in Black Desert until April 8. Here are the details.

The event will afford you the chance with higher drop rates for certain items after you defeat monsters, or gather and fish during Hot Time:

  • The drop date boosts with this event does not stack with any other item drop effects including that of Item Collection Scrolls.
  • Drop rate boost of Black Stones, Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shards, and Ancient Relic Crystal Shards will apply to all servers including Olvia and Arsha.
    • For normal and Arsha servers, drop rate boost will follow the Hot Time schedule found below.
    • For Olvia servers, drop rate boost will be applied 24/7 during the entire event period.
  • Hot Time schedule will be changed due to daylight savings time starting for Europe with April 1 maintenance.

Items include black stone weapon and armor, hard black crystal shard, sharp black crystal shard, and ancient relic crystal shard. Take a look at the event page for more details.


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