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Black Desert's Corsair Class Sails Onto MMO Today

Releasing Across PC and Console versions

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert's latest class, the pirate-y Corsair, sees it make the MMO's shores today, releasing on both PC and the console versions.

Black Desert Online's latest class sees players taking on the role of the pirate-themed Corsair, using her extendable cutlass-shaped weapon to strike down her foes. Additionally, the Corsair can make use of a magical orb meant to help summon the power of the sea, as Tsunami's crash down upon her enemies. 

"Corsair’s main weapon is Serenaca, a ‘composite sword’ that extends in length, which is especially lethal when combined with her innate agility. Her sub-weapon is Mareca, a magical orb that grants her the ability to transform into a mermaid and crash into her enemies with the force of a powerful tsunami. "

Players have been able to pre-create their Corsair since last week, with Pearl Abyss running a contest for the most impressive ones. 

This marks the twenty-third class to be added to the MMORPG, with the Sage class introduced earlier this past year. The MMO is also gearing up for its first co-op dungeon, with Atoraxxion opening for players starting on July 21st.


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