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Black Desert's Console Anniversary Event is Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The anniversary event for Black Desert on console is live. Don’t worry, you have a few weeks to dive in and earn those rewards.

The anniversary event itself is made up of several other events, like a Golden Daggers Drop event. The event period depends on your region. For NA, it’ll run through March 2. But for EU and Asia, you’ll have till March 3. During the event, defeat monsters to earn golden daggers. You can then sell these daggers for 5000 gold pieces each.

The next event is all about getting stronger which is also going on now. In NA, you have till March 9, whereas you’ll have till March 10 in EU and Asia. You’ll be able to use a buff which Combat EXP +300% and Skill EXP +50% buff for 24 hours. They don’t stack with previous buffs, however.

There are several things to note about this event, however, such as restrictions. These include:

  • Characters that are level 50 and lower do not get the combat EXP buff from the Hot-Time event. However, the skill EXP buff applies to all characters regardless of level.
  • The Combat and Skill EXP buffs from the hot-time event do not stack with the pre-existing buffs of Olvia. The aforementioned event buffs replace the pre-existing buffs of the Olvia server.

Check out the full details here.


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