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Black Desert To Add Desert Of Valencia On PS4 September 25

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Players can start getting their purified water ready as the scorching desert of Valencia is making its way to Black Desert on the PlayStation 4 on the 25th of September. 

The new region is hitting the PS4 this week and it brings with it unique challenges for those who wish to traverse the sands of Valencia. 

Valencia is located to the east of Mediah, and is a massive continent equivalent to the size of Balenos, Calpheon, Serendia and Mediah put together. There is a vast desert that separates the Calpheon Republic and the Valencian Empire, and the desert is barren and harsh, and the grave to many unprepared adventurers.

Those who are native to Valencia call it the Crimson Desert due to the amount of blood that has been shed there, whereas Calpheon calls it the Black Desert due to the precious Black Stones that can be found there.

Players will face off against giant and deadly monsters, sandstorms that wreck havoc on the region, as well as a desert illness that affects all who decide to venture into Valencia. PlayStation 4 owners can hop into the Black Desert this Wednesday and discover all that Valencia has to offer. Just be sure to stock upon Purified Water and invest in a compass to survive.


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