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Black Desert Tamers Can Embark On A New Quest On Xbox One October 16

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert Xbox gamers will be able to embark on a new quest on October 16.

The Tamer features a Celestial Bo Staff, allowing her to combat multiple enemies at once. An example of some skills she can unlock include:

  • Allround Spinner
    • Spins the Celestial Bo Staff around, striking enemies from all directions
  • Legendary Beast Dance
    • Channel the spirits of the four legendary beasts through your Celestial Bow Staff to perform different attacks on your enemies
  • Flow: Cloud Ride
    • Using the Celestial Bo Staff the Tamer launches herself forwards dealing damage and knocking enemies down

Pick up the Awakening quest when you reach Level 56 with the Tamer. Learn more here.


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