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Black Desert Sees Incredible Surge In New And Returning Players Following Expansion Launch

A 276% increase in new players alone

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert is having a good summer by all accounts, and Pearl Abyss continues to celebrate the buzz surrounding its latest expansion, Land of the Morning Light.

The Land of the Morning Light launched last month on PC and the expansion has been met with wide acclaim, with many (including us) praising the setting and rich story steeped in Korean folklore. Executive Producer Jaehee Kim thanked fans earlier this week for the incredible response, but now Pearl Abyss is revealing some analytics that shows just how massive that response was.

According to Pearl Abyss' internal analytics (via a press release), Black Desert saw incredible surges in both new and returning players alike. With a 267% increase in new players coming to the MMORPG, there are a ton more adventurers running around the Land of the Morning Light (and the rest of Black Desert) now. Joining them are players (like myself) who returned just to check out the new content, to the tune of a 335% increase in returning players to the MMO.

Steam also saw more Black Desert players flock to the MMO, especially as it was on sale during the last Steam sale, with the MMO reaching its highest concurrent player count in two years (33,538 players). Pearl Abyss also notes in their release today that, as reported by analysis site SullygnomeBlack Desert saw increases in Twitch hours viewed, as well as a peak of 53,978 viewers in the last two weeks alone.

The Land of the Morning Light is the latest free expansion for Black Desert Online, and it's not the only thing players can look forward to the next time they drop into the MMORPG. Revealed earlier this month at its FESTA eventBDO players can jump into the Boss Blitz mode and fight the 10th boss, the Imoogi, while PvP players can look forward to the War of the Roses, a 300v300 battle that will run every two weeks. If you're on console, you don't have long to wait either to sink your teeth into this expansion either, as Land of the Morning Light will hit Xbox and PlayStation on July 26th.


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