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Black Desert Receives 'New' Server, Updates Sage

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert receives a “new” server while Sage sees some updates as part of a recent patch to the Korean MMO.

The Olvia Growth server is seeing a name change. It’ll now be called the NEW Olvia Growth Server. You’ll be able to log into this server by satisfying the same requirements for New, Returning Adventurer as the previous Olvia Growth server.

Sage, the newest class for Black Desert, saw several updates in this latest patch for several abilities. These changes include:

  • Spatial Fissure I - Changed the skill to now be learnable at Lv. 1.
  • Ator's Energy - Fixed the issue where the skill's demo would display the Stun effect being applied.
  • Rift's Chain - Fixed the issue where using the skill while low on stamina would sometimes stop the Sage mid-animation.
  • Added combat video for Sage in the Create Character window.
  • Illusion Barrier - Improved the skill so that stamina can now be recovered during use.
  • Fixed the issue where the Kyve would appear when climbing walls while in non-combat stance.
  • Illusion Barrier - Fixed the issue where the skill's visual effect wouldn't go away if inflicted with a debuff while using the skill.
  • Improved the sub-weapon to appear during social action and gathering animations.
  • Created the 'Hall of Adventurers: Sage' chat group for Sage characters.

We quite like the new Sage class, finding him to be quite chainable and agile. You can check out our impressions of Sage here. You can read the full patch notes here.


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