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Black Desert PS4 and Xbox One Receives New Character Class Maehwa

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert on PS4 and Xbox One can now play as Maehwa, the latest character class to arrive on console.

She’s described in the press release as, “an orphan child raised as the adopted daughter of a high-ranking military official, Maehwa trained her whole life to become a lethal fighter. Rising in the ranks, Maehwa honed her skill, and eventually found the power to wield the legendary blue flames of the Crescent Petal.”

She utilizes both melee and ranged combat. Her Awakening sees her using the Kerispear which is a polearm allowing her to conjure a blue flame. Here are her original and Awakening skills, with both of which she will launch:

  • Divider skill - Maehwa charges forward and cuts enemies down with her blade.
  • Chaos: Red Moon - gives Maehwa the power of the Red Moon, allowing her to evade enemy sight and blindside them with an attack.
  • Petal Bloom - Maehwa can channel an icy aura into her Kerispear, driving the energy into a devastating thrust.
  • Frost Pillars - Maehwa momentarily slows down her enemies with an icy attack.


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