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Black Desert Patch Brings New Years Event and More

Plus update on Combat Assistance

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Black Desert patch has brought about the New Years Event and much more. Here are some details.

A bunch of new monsters are being added specifically for hunting in Narcion. Additionally, there are some partial changes for Combat Assistance. Specifically, motion delays are now included for skills in PvP. There are also a few improvements to prevent auto-aiming when you’re using grappling in PvP.

The team actually issued a large explainer apologizing for potential confusion surrounding the Combat Assistance update. They write,

“As many of you already know, Black Desert Online has received a lot of feedback about being a difficult game to play, particularly for new adventurers. Amongst the updates that have been implemented in the past 5 years, we have made various efforts to lower the learning curve through updates such as tutorial improvements, guides in the Wiki, intuitive content, UI improvement, and so forth.”

The New Year Wishes series of events is beginning on January 1 and will run for two days concluding on January 2. To take part, truck over to Coastal Cliff in Balenos. The second event in the series starts on January 1 and runs through January 5 and is called Let the Bell Toll. Event 3 is a Boss Drop Rate Boost which is live now and running through January 6. Finally, the Book of Training boost is also going on now and will conclude on January 13.


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