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Black Desert Patch Brings More Changes to Nova

Plus additional changes and fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The recently added Nova class for Black Desert has received more changes and tweaks as part of the latest patch.

Core Awakening skills have been added for Nova, in addition to the Rabam’s Enlightenment – Skill Enchantment. The damage of several skills were also improved. Additional changes to Nova included:

  • Prime: Swooping Ring - Changed the skill by removing the 1st hit, and the skill now applies all hits at its last hit.
  • Prime: Frozen Darkness - Increased the combo speed of using the skill after certain skills.
  • Prime: Vengeful Star - You can now combo into the skill's 3rd hit if used after Prime: Entangling Icy Thorns' last hit.
  • Prime: Quoratum's Ascension - You can now combo into the skill if used after Prime: Vengeful Star's 2nd hit.

The patch also included several tweaks and changes for monsters, UI, in addition to bringing about a bunch of fixes including:

  • Fixed the issue where Agris Fever points were consumed incorrectly when defeating summoned monsters while in a party.
  • Fixed the issue with Morco's Gear Bag so that gears with no durability cannot be contained in it.
    • When using "Change" function in Morco's Gear Bag, gears that can be equipped will be moved to Morco's Gear Bag.


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