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Black Desert Online's Valentine's Day Event Kicks Off Today

Runs through February 22nd

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Online is running its Valentine's Day event, giving players a chance to profess their love with a variety of events running now through February 22nd.

The events play out three-fold: you can create chocolates to give to NPCs in order to increase your Amity with them, or maybe you want to send a love letter, complete with Chocolate. You can do so too to obtain rewards such as Energy Recovery or Extra Mount EXP scrolls. There is also a Catch a Goblin Thief event that lets you catch goblins and take back a "Chocolate Basket" from the goblin itself to earn items such as a Cron Stone x100 and more. 

During the event period, Black Desert players will also be able to take advantage of increased item drop rates, combat experience, skill experience and mount experience gain, and more until February 15th. 

The MMORPG also ramping up for its new features and improvements to its large-scale Node wars, which will be the subject of a new video series on the official Black Desert YouTube channel. Interested players will be able to tune into a new video series that showcases the Node Wars, how to participate, understanding the Node Wars and more starting on Friday, February 10th. New videos will be released throughout next week, culminating with a final video on February 24th explaining the revamped Node Wars to prep players to take part in them themselves. 

Black Desert has had a busy start to the year, keeping up the releases ever since its major announcements last month at the Calpheon Ball. The Maegu has joined the Woosa on Black Desert Online, while the Woosa jumped to Black Desert Mobile last month. If you're looking to jump in for the event and need a chill way to tackle the grind, check out our tips on how to do just that.


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