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Black Desert Online’s Shai receives Talent Update on July 31st

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a press release for Black Desert Online, Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss revealed the release date and first details for Shai’s Talent update.

Shai, unlike other Black Desert Online classes, is primarily focused on support. In the next update, she’ll be able to use new skills after learning her “Talent”.

According to the press release, “By completing a quest chain at level 56, Shai will obtain a new item called ‘Sol,’ a magical leaf from her maestra who teaches the art of music.”

Shai will be able to play a “Tring” in the form of a lute, a “Tute” in the form of a flute, or a “Tamtam” in the form of three djembes. Each of these have their own unique skills.

Shai’s main talent skills include:

Misty Haze

Plays a dreamy tune which brings the listeners to a state of daze.


Harder, Faster!

Plays an energetic tune which empowers the listeners.


Forest's Echo

Plays a tune with the force of nature which stops Shai's enemies from moving.


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