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Black Desert Online's Season of the Hunt Part 2 Event Starts On PC, New Pet Quests Added

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Fancy a free pet in Black Desert Online? You're in luck, as the MMO just added quests as part of today's patch on PC that rewards players with cute new vanity pets! Also, Season of the Hunt continues on PC today with Part 2 of its event.

Black Desert Online detailed the new additions in today's patch notes, and its a long one. The Season of the Hunt, Part 2 hits today through October 16 and features two main parts: Special Pouch Drop and Run the Tide. For the former, you'll defeat monsters, fish and gather to get your hands on two random pouches. The latter event sees players riding their favorite hunting grounds, earning rewards for performing the Imperial Delivery.

Additionally, BDO is hosting a Build Your Guild Event, giving players a way to help grow their guild by checking in for 8 days as well as reaching level 56. In addition, Guild Attendance will be rewarded by offering rewards to medium-sized guilds and their member during the event period, which runs through December 31st. You can learn more about the Guild promotions on the Black Desert Online site.

In addition to the new events, BDO is giving players the chance to earn two free pets by completing special quests. Players who meet the requirements, such as completing all of Balenos, Calpheon and Mediah's main quests will have the chance to get their hands on the new dog, hawk and cat pets offered. These are permanent pets, so it's worth it to quest not only for the leveling but also to travel in style with their new companion.

You can check out the full patch notes for today's additions on the Black Desert Online  website.


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