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Black Desert Online's Sage Receives Awakening Today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Scheduled maintenance for Black Desert Online today is set to bring Awakening to Sage, one of the newest classes added to the Korean MMO. Here are the details.

The major updates brought by maintenance includes rare animal sightings across the game, the addition of the Celestial Horse Calling Horn, and the rest of Total Likes for chat groups. However, the big addition is the Awakening for Sage.

If you recall, Sage was added to Black Desert last month, with the class hitting PC on March 17 and console on March 31. If you’re looking for a sweet trailer, check it out here. In fact, our Managing Editor liked Sage so much that the class might be his new favorite.

So what does maintenance bring for Sage’s Awakening? Main skills include Lighting Prison, Impaling Flash, Divine Executioner, and Spear Bolt. Combat style sees some tweaks as well for Awakening,

“Wielding the lightning  imbued Kibelius, Sage descends on his foes like a bolt of lightning and strikes them down. He can hurl his spear to pierce through targets or transform himself into lightning itself to rush down enemies in a flash.

The raw, concentrated power of his lightning can even break open rifts to unleash more powerful attacks. And when Sage casts his skills, the Arkanon — possessing the combined power of the Kibelius and Kyve — will be summoned forth to assist him.”

You can check out more details on Sage’s Awakening here.


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