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Black Desert Online's Latest Global Lab Update Brings Guild Permission Updates, Black Stone Simplification

Changes for smoother sailing

Victoria Rose Posted:
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Black Desert Online’s latest update for its Global Lab, the official international test server system, lets players get a first look at some major guild structure changes and a massive simplification to the Black Stone ship customization system, as outlined on the official update post.

The Guild changes are meant to separate Guild action permissions from being necessarily attached to certain ranks, making it easier to let different players handle different tasks. 

“Previously, all guilds had a structure where authority was granted based on guild position, so in some cases, positions had to be assigned for functions such as guild missions or dismantling auxiliary buildings in the node war,” the post explains. “Now you can set separate permissions regardless of position, making it more convenient and free to use.” 

There will be some default permissions that carry over, but these can be changed once the update goes live. The full list of permissions one can toggle for each Guild’s role is available on the website. 

For the seafaring type, there’s also going to be a mass simplification of the Black Stone systems, bringing them all down to a single Wave Black Stone type. 

“Now, the simplified ‘Wave Black Stone’ can enhance ship equipment according to the number rather than the type,” the post explains. “Accordingly, existing items that were obtained through quests, defeating ocean monsters, or bartering can also be acquired with a type of ‘Wave Black Stone’, making management more convenient.

“As a result, the need to continuously exchange level 1 trade goods for ‘veridant black stone’, which was a problem for beginner captains who were expanding their ships for the first time, has also been eliminated.” 

In short, the Black Stone types will be tradeable from those items into Wave Black Stones depending on the type, with a Fiery Blackstone going for 1 Wave Black Stone, up to a Sunset Black Stone exchanged for 50 Wave Black Stones. It’s long-winded to specify the many, many changes being made to this particular system, so it’s better to peek at the official blog itself. 

There are also some moderate changes around the Node War, UI, and Erethea’s Trial, as well as plenty of the usual bug fixes. The patch went live on May 17, so players can dig into these now in the Global Lab, while players on the officially-launched servers can dig into some new content that went live a few days prior


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