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Black Desert Online's Big New Update Sets Up New Season+ in October

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Black Desert Online's summer season has come to a close, and the new update brings new Manos gear stats, cooking gear durability repair, easy ways to sell unwanted items, and changes to skills, items, and some gear.

The update is a pretty big one, which is appropriate to mark the start of a new season+ in mid-October, so this period in between is the perfect time to add and change some things before everything kicks back into high gear. With the special season+ intended as essentially a higher stakes version of the just finished season, this should ease everyone into the changes. The Manos gear set is definitely on of the highlights, and this set all boost Life Skill Masteries to the various kinds of gathering. 

You'll now also be able to repair your cooking and alchemy tools, adding durability using a repair tool. To get these repair kits, you'll have to exhange for them in Velia using a max durability tool to trade.You can set up just one main cooking or alchemy tool in your home now, instead of having to use several different and crowd them all in. This should help those who want to decorate and need the space without having to decide between customization and being able to cook or use alchemy tools.

Speaking of items, now you'll be able to get rid of junk stacked in your warehouse without having to get it out, load it on your mount  or inventory and go to a shop to sell it off. Another tool for instant sale of trade goods on a ship may be something for future development. Attempting to leave Red Battlefield if you're dead will now just auto resurrect you, making things just a bit easier. It does seem that the team is listening to feedback and may be testing these quality of life improvements.

There are a whole lot of changes to items and functions, skills and more. For the full rundown, check out the Black Desert Online update patch notes.


Christina Gonzalez

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