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Black Desert Online Wraps Sea Palace Events, Offers Goodbye Summer Bonuses and Gifts

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Black Desert Online is offering some late summer bonuses via new events,  the Sea Palace is now in a time of peace, and the player experience has been improved with the latest update.

There are a series of “end of summer” bonuses available now through September 6th. The item dropped right has been increased by 100% during this time. There are a number of events, including puffer fish fishing, and Arena of Solare rewards. There's also a Goodbye Summer Seal that you can get by completing challenges and defeating monsters. There's a 100% chance to claim those prizes if you do all of the above. If you get five seals, you can exchange them for the Goodbye Summer box.

In addition to celebrating late summer, and moving onto new content, peace has now arrived at the Sea Palace. What this means is that Baby Vell isn’t showing up anymore, so that event has ended. A few other events have also ended, like the Miss Myo and Mister Turt race and the Rabbit Liver Scramble. The Sea Palace characters remain, with some missions remaining open for completion.  the greater conflict and some of the events and options are no longer available, while  some of these content remains, there have been changes made to some of the requirements or dialogue to keep this available going forward.

Pearl Abyss continues  tweaking things that improve the player experience. Just added is the ability to open multiple box type items at once. There are a few exceptions, but now, if you have a bunch of boxes, you should be able to open them at once. Also made a couple of changes that help in questline completion. One of the changes includes “a new way to acquire knowledge of Muiquun” that should help without lowering Karma.

There are some additional changes, including a number of fixes, and balance changes for the Warrior, Berserker, Mystic, Lahn, and Corsair. 

See all the details in the patch notes over at Black Desert Online.


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