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Black Desert Online Will Get a Mysterious New Continent in October, a New Region in Development, and More

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Black Desert Online held its Heidel Ball event and treated the community to both news of upcoming features and content, and some loot. Expect a new continent next month, a new region in development, new co-op dungeon, and more. 

Announced at the event is a brand new continent, Abyss One: The Magnus. The Magnus is a world that exists outside but alongside the world of Black Desert. This realm is also not considered to be bound to time and space, so this changes everything and opens up the world to countless possibilities. If you are in the Magnus, you can travel to different areas known as Abysses and find missions and quests that are tied to the theme and storyline of each of the Abysses. Abyss One is clearly just the beginning.

Abysses will be accessible through wells in the game and these wells are going to be a new way to travel to other territories within Black Desert Online. The Magnus will launch across Black Desert Online on October 12th. Expect the new continent and associated content, but also some quality of life improvements, like the ability to move items across your storage locations.

There’s also a new region in development for release further down the line. The Land of the Morning Light is based on the last dynastic kingdom of Korea, the Joseon Dynasty, and will feature quests and lore based on Korean myth, and unique settings, vegetation, and lore.

Atoraxxion: Yolunakea is coming. The latest co-op dungeon is expected in November. Taking place in the ruins of an ancient forest, expect lore and story, as well as a new boss that will evolve into something new and more challenging with every defeat until slain.

Also announced was Elvia’s Realm, a new hunting ground with tougher monsters that will let players visit from any server. You will be able to enter by clicking a button at each hunting ground for more challenging, and more rewarding, encounters. This will initially roll out in Korea next week and globally later.

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