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Black Desert Online Welcomes the Winter Season With All-New Complete Class Reboots

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 The latest update to Black Desert Online is the promised huge end of the year update that opens up the winter season and  reboots all 17 classes in the game.

Winter is here, with the all new season beginning with the option of a bit of a clean slate. You can create a new character with the all new character creation options and play on the special winter season servers. These servers range from Season-1 (Novice, for accounts with all characters in total under level 150) to Season (Arsha) for those that are ready to fo. These servers will only work for season characters, which will advance faster and are a perfect chance to try out all of the rebooted classes.

When it comes to the class reboots, it starts from the ground up with new customization options like new faces and hairstyles, default outfit and portrait changes on character creation, end to every part of gameplay from weapons to skills. Since the winter season will let you create characters again, you can continue to use the existing options that were in game before the patch but the default appearance will consist of all the new options for each class.

All characters have also had their skill points reset to go ahead with the full class reboot, so GM Silver will be available near the Supply Manager NPC for loading up your characters to be ready to go. If you've played a season character and tried out the new options, this should also help you out. All classes can learn a new passive after reaching level 62. This skill, Unyielding Might, increases the damage of special attacks. Weapon skills have changed, and some are completely new.  Some were changed to add new effects or to combine them, while others were removed or streamlined. 

For the extensive list of changes to each of the 17 classes in Black Desert Online, as well as all the seasonal server options to jump into and enjoy, check out the official full update notes here.


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