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Black Desert Online Welcomes the Guardian to Xbox One and PS4

Now Available for Guarding Consoles - The Guardian

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With her mighty axe, the Guardian swings onto the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Black Desert Online. As usual, with the arrival of a new character, login rewards will be provided to all players. That’s not all, as new Succession skills have arrived for three more classes.

It seems like every week Black Desert Online is adding something new, giving something else away, or launching a new class somewhere. This week is no exception, as the Guardian, equipped with a battle axe, and coursing with bloodlust, arrives just in time for the holidays (as, perhaps, that is the time for bloodlust? I joke). Here are the Guardians primary skills to look forward to:

  • Boulder Crush delivers three powerful downward-swings with her battle axe - each blow strong enough to pulverize boulders!
  • Mountain Slam slams the ground with her axe, causing powerful waves to ripple out and deal massive damage to surrounding foes.
  • Black Blood Circle allows Guardian to instill her battle axe with the power of the earth, creating a circle around her. All who enter the circle will take severe damage.
  • Mutilation uses her might to sweep enemies aside with a massive swing of her battle axe.
  • Black Blood Slaughter unleashes her gathered power with a swing of her battle axe with a force strong enough to split mountains

If that isn’t enough to tickle that fancy of yours, all players will receive new login rewards, celebrating the Guardians arrival. Login to receive Crone Stones, Advice of Valks, 7 days value packs, gold bars, Ellion tears, and more!

For the player hoping to utilize some new, revamped succession skills, the Lahn, Striker, and Ninja are ready for succession. You can read all of the patch notes on their official site.


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