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Black Desert Online Updates Classes, Overhauls Drakania Awakening and Will End 32-Bit Support

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Black Desert Online is the latest game that will end support for 32-bit systems and discourage DirectX 9 use. This announcement was made alongside the latest update, which opens events, makes class changes, updates some control and animations, and opens the new season for Arena of Solare.

As of Wednesday, February 1st,  Black Desert Online will no longer support 32-bit operating systems. Pearl Abyss has analyzed the data and determined that most players use 64-bit systems and at least DirectX 11, so most people will be unaffected by the changes. This move follows other studios’ efforts to modernize and to end support for older systems, freeing the devs to more fully use their capabilities without having to consider old systems. DirectX 9 support is not officially ending (yet?), but they're still recommending and update to DirectX 11.

This week's update features some helpful animation changes, including control for several classes. They revamp some basic movements like going forward and back or left and right to make movement feel a little more natural, along with corresponding improved animations. Affected classes that get this new update are: Shai, Archer, Guardian, Hashashin, Nova, Corsair, Sage, Drakania, and of course, the latest arrival, Woosa.

In addition to the usual round of balance changes and fixes, a few stand out, including a more in-depth pass for Drakania Awakening. Both of her forms have been updated in different ways, with skill tweaks to distinguish the feel of each form. Hexeblood form gets additional precision for its repeated strikes, while Dragonblood form gets changes to make it more powerful, and feel like it too.

The other highlight of this week's update is the opening of the new season of Arena of Solare. Opening follows a pre-season, which introduced new here, a new match system, and new Battlefield, so now the season is beginning and all ranks will be kept going forward. If you take on the challenges and do well in matches you can even get new outfits and titles, along with other Rewards. There's also practice mode to get ready for competition.

For more, read the patch notes over at Black Desert Online. 


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