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Black Desert Online Update Overhauls Guild Combat Quests, Adds Events, and Brings Back the Fwuzzy Alpaca

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest Black Desert Online update starts a new round of events, with several different options to grab some rewards. The update also tweaks guild missions, makes some fixes, and brings back the Fwuzzy Alpaca mount.

Several of the new events are centered around the arrival of spring, with the Spring Bounty and Spring Treasure Hunt events. Spring Bounty will feature 300% combat EXP during the event period, along with a 50% increase in skill EXP, along with opportunities to earn some rewards based on your playtime. There’s also another event called The Mysterious Man, which you can get from the Black Spirit and find out just who is there. Joining these events are the individual and guild login events, with their loot just for logging in and playing.

Guild combat missions got an overhaul, with completion rewards now uniform and scaling based on the guild size, fewer monsters in less popular missions, and the addition of some new guild missions. These changes should help make things more rewarding. 

The Fwuzzy Alpaca returns for level 50+ Shais.. If you’re eligible, grab the “Registration: Fwuzzy Alpaca” item and complete the “Befwend Fuzzy Alpaca” questline. You can level the cute alpaca mount up to level 15, learning seven skills along the way, from the default Ptooey, angry alpaca spit, to others like a dance, a speed boost (Gwiddy-up!), and even Play Dead.

Some changes in the update are more practical. For main quests with voice acting, there’s now a toggle option that, if on, lets the dialogue move to the next line without needing to keep pressing R. If it’s a player’s turn to speak, or if you accept or complete a quest, this will stop the auto-skip at that time. 

See the full update notes, including details on all events, quests, and rewards tables over at Black Desert Online.


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