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Black Desert Online Team Hosting Livestream Today Discussing Publishing Transition

Going Live At 12 PT

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert Online is changing publishers this month, with Pearl Abyss taking over from Kakao publishing their MMO in the West. The community team is hosting a Twitch stream today at 12 Pacific Time to discuss the handover and transition, as well as give in-game rewards during the stream.

The community team members Tiny Nose, RinkuTalks and the newest member Endlaive will take to the stream to discuss the transition happening next week, including holding a Q&A during the stream regarding the transition and account transfers. 

Additionally, the team will be giving away in-game rewards during the stream to those who tune in on Twitch, and the rewards should scale up the more viewers join in the stream. The BDO team is also hosting an in-game hide-and-seek challenged, sharing user stories and more.

If you've still got questions about the transfer, the stream seems like a good spot to get some of those answered. ICYMI, Pearl Abyss announced the deadline for account transfers before your account gets deleted earlier this week, with May 31st being the final day to transfer before deletion.

[Update] The team will also be streaming this to YouTube, linked here in case you prefer that platform over Twitch.


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