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Black Desert Online Talks New And Upcoming Quality of Life Updates to Storage, Inventory, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When it comes to upcoming updates for Black Desert Online, the team is previewing some of the major quality of life updates that they're preparing for future updates.

One of the updates that is already live is the extension of the automatic recall period of Gardens from one week to two weeks. This suggestion came from a player during the end of year CalpheON Ball’s Q&A session. This went live in the February 4th update along with removal of the restrictions on Trading and Imperial delivery when a character is tagged. The restrictions on Imperial crafting delivery are gone, and they do want to explore how to move carefully on this so they don't create a  change that enables exploitation as they make it more convenient. Also in is the ability to change early level Narchillian weapons should someone begin training a class then feel like a different one would be a better fit. 

Changes still in the works will affect storage, including how storage is organized. An initial proposal to let you manually sort storage did not pan out though. Since this would require them to redesign the whole storage structure, they’re moving ahead with plans to improve storage search. On a related note, players have been asking for a better way to sort through Cooking and Alchemy lists. This would also require a big change so they want to add potential features like favorites or most recently crafted show up at the top. Also related to Cooking and Alchemy is a request to let you turn the sound off, and this will happen.

Finally, there was a request to add additional slots to the Pearl Inventory, but this also came up against just what an extensive change this would mean on the back end. They say it's more difficult than adding new content. So the decision will be to add a sort of dressing room feature that will let you separate and store outfits, but it will take a while since it is still a large update to develop and implement.

For the full list of quality of life changes already added and the ones planned, see the list over at Black Desert Online


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