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Black Desert Online Takes Us to Paradise Lost, Revamps Maewha Class, and Adds Some Quality of Life Fixes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Black Desert Online is taking us to Paradise Lost. The latest update has also revamped the barter system, made some balance changes, and continued work on UI and text improvements.

The Paradise Lost event concerns rumors about a so-called "paradise of winds". If you accept the quest, you'll have a couple of choices to make.  You can do this  quest once per family, on any character, but if you play as a Drakania, you’ll have the helpful advantage of being able to read some of the writings that have been written in the ancient dragon language throughout the shrine. If you complete the quest, you'll get a new title, Unforgettable, and other rewards. Speaking of Drakania, the bonuses and events marking her arrival are over and season servers are now normal.

There are several other events going on that can net you a number of significant rewards that will help you with progression as well as leveling up. There are also some fun summertime events with suitable rewards.

The Black Desert Online team has continued making fixes and changes intended to make the game look better and simplify some basics. This time, it's an overhaul of all classes walking animations to make them smoother and more natural-looking. There’s also a UI update that indicates which resources you can gather, some types and tooltip fixes, and gamepad UI updates.

Finally, there are several class balance changes, but the most significant is for the Maewha. Both Succession Maewha and Awakening Maewha have gotten overhauls to make these options more efficient and better use their kits and weapons. Succession Maewha should be able to use her Stamina and Red Blade better, now that the form isn’t tied to PrimeL Decapitation. Awakening’s changes are designed to improve her critical damage and focus on Petal Swirl.

For the full patch notes, including all info on the week’s events and a breakdown of class changes, head over to Black Desert Online.


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