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Black Desert Online Succession Update Hits Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Make Succession Your Success!

Steven Weber Posted:
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The Succession update in Black Desert Online will encourage players to put away their Awakening weapons and utilize their original weapons, as they battle through several Succession quests. Succession is only available for the Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger and Berserker, but will roll out to other classes later on.

The purpose of Succession is so that players can utilize a classes original weapon set, giving Succession classes a traditional feeling that the developers felt had been missing once players start using their Awakening weapons. The overall plan is to make Main Weapon skills on the same level as Awakening weapon:

We present Succession not as an upgrade, but as a second path for Adventurers. It presents a crossroad where you can choose between Awakening and Succession, making our combat system even more enjoyable while offering versatility and choice to all our Adventurers. Additionally, we will continue to work on balancing classes as successions continue to roll out.”

 Some notes were also provided in the Black Desert Online patch, as a short bullet list of details, better explaining the logistics of Succession skills:

  • To switch from Awakening to Succession, you will need to reset your skills in order to learn the Succession requirement skill, and to switch from Succession to Awakening you will need to reset your skills in order to unlearn the Succession requirement skill.
  • Trial Characters will be able to learn the Succession requirement skill, and you can try out Succession with Trial Characters.
  • You cannot use skills on the Succession tab to learn Absolute skills.You can use skills in your Main tab and Succession tab in conjunction with each other, you will not be able to use Awakening and Succession skills at the same time.

This new update will also include several events to help adventurers prepare for Succession, such as doling out rewards for reaching levels above 56 on the Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger or Beserker classes. Rewards could be an additional battle EXP scroll, skill EXP scroll, or gold bars and advice of Valks.

Players can also receive a skill EXP buff that last for three hours by finding and talking to the Mystery Knight that randomly appears, or they can join in on the limited-time Hot Time event between 2pm until midnight every weekday, and every weekend, for 100% battle XP, and 30% skill XP gain buffs.

Pearl Abyss recently celebrated a 10 year Anniversary, and confirmed their commitment to bring the game to the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, upon their release.


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