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Black Desert Online starts wildlife charity drive, gifts players an epic set of gear

Plus a new event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert has started a wildlife charity drive, and are gifting you epic gear.

This is all part of the fourth anniversary celebrations. This week sees the start of a special charity drive for wildlife conservation and additionally, players can now start amassing powerful items during a new event.

The press release notes that the ‘Save the Wildlife’ charity event sees players taking part in an in-game event in which their contribution will help build towards a sizeable donation to the World Wide Fund for Nature. More information can be found on a special website that was created for this event. 

This week also sees the start of the highly anticipated ‘Suppressed Boss Gear’ event. This event rewards players with powerful weapons and armor. To receive the powerful weapons, players will just have to reach certain level milestones. 

From level 56 to 58, each level will see the player being rewarded with a strong weapon for their character.  For the armor pieces, players will have to complete a series of challenges, such as slaying monsters or defeating summoned bosses. 


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