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Black Desert Online Starts Improvement of New Adventurer Experience, Tweaks Items, and Begins Events

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The latest update for Black Desert Online includes class balance changes, fixes, and a series of adjustments to skills and other systems. Additionally, Pearl Abyss is overhauling the game’s new adventurer experience in various ways, and this update updates over 300 item descriptions for clarity.

There are several games that have, or are in process of updating their new player experiences and tutorials. For Black Desert Online, this update changes 316 item descriptions to make it clear how you get them and what you do with them. This is the beginning as they promised that there will be more updates for item descriptions in the future. Making a welcoming experience for newcomers is important, not just to attract and retain new players, but for a healthier overall community. Learning through feedback that some items might be tricker to really get is helpful so you can pivot earlier and brush up.

Over 300 items also had their weights reduced, this way players can fit more in their inventories. Other changes in the update include adjustments to enhancement materials, making the Family inventory tab appear when a player reaches level 60.

The recently added Mountain of Eternal Winter main quest line has gotten some adjustments, mostly to fix bugs in accepting quests, getting stuck, audio and animation sync, and other errors.

One of the promised changes during the recent CalpheON episode 2 was a way to combine processing stones.  The Consolidated the stones and if you had pre-existing stones you can sell them to end PC vendors for silver or use them as an item. If you check your inventory any processing stones will have been replaced with something called sealed processing stones. If you sell them to NPC vendors you will get the highest price that they were being sold on the market globally.

This update also kicks off a series of events for all to enjoy bonuses like extra HP, item drop rate increases and more. See details over in the patch notes at Black Desert Online.


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