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Black Desert Online Revamps Conquest War Performance

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert Online is revamping Conquest War with upscaled graphics and new updates based on community feedback. The new update also sets things up for a couple of other events this month aside from the popular territory battles.

Conquest War, one of BDO’s most popular events, will now play faster via AMD FidelityFX Resolution Technology (AMD FSR), which was shown at Computex 2021. This partnership means increased frame rates of up to 2.4 times without needing to upgrade your graphics card. Those who don't have AMD cards will still be able to benefit from some improvements too, meaning that they’ve worked to make sure that this doesn’t leave others behind. Developer Pearl Abyss plans more, similar performance improvement efforts in the future, perhaps through more tech partnerships.

Stretching beyond just Conquest War, the pre-season will run through October 2nd with some changes. One of the major changes involves the end of using Liberation to determine how guilds rank. Guilds will be ranked instead according to the scores at the end of battles. This should leave some room for advancement too. Members of guilds that conquer a territory or those whose guild has the highest Conquest War scores will get a pot of gold bars worth 2 billion Silver and other rewards to be announced.  

There are other events to capture your attention too. A Hot Time event is up for those who want to earn skill and combat XP. And through September 29th, those who hunt can get a special buff worth 20 stacking points against monsters, Source of Lightning.

Black Desert Online is always looking to engage players in new ways to battle and enjoy the rewards from conquest. Seems the development team is looking both towards the future with its series of events and even updating old favorites for concept and performance. Find out more over at the Black Desert Online site.


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