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Black Desert Online Remasterd Gets A PC Patch As PS4 Primes Itself For Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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PC players of Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Online will notice some changes thanks to a patch released this week. Via a post on their official site, PA have detailed patch notes for the PC version of the popular MMO, specifically massive changes to the city of Velia.

The wharf at Velia has received a brand new look!
  • The Wharf at Velia was revamped since the Chief of Velia, Igor Bartali, expanded its wharf and opened a tavern called "Dancing Marlin."
  • Croix the Wharf Manager and Robert the Guild Wharf Manager moved to the brand new wharf.
  • The flock of seagulls that used to appear in this area moved to another nearby area, away from people.

The update also brings with it tweaks and changes to classes, mounts, ships and more. You can view the full patch notes on the Black Desert Online website.

Also, Pearl Abyss is gearing up for its PS4 launch, and since demand has been high, Pearl Abyss has opened up more servers for PlayStation users to explore. BDO is currently in headstart and the full release will be tomorrow. Look out for MMORPG's impressions of how BDO translate to the PS4 early next week.


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