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Black Desert Online Previews Balenos Overhaul, Upcoming Changes in Eternal Winter and Beyond

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With the latest CalpheON festival, the upcoming Drakania class for Black Desert Online’s upcoming Eternal Winter expansion was announced. Pearl Abyss also announced some details on additional updates to look forward to with the new content at the recent event.

The Drakania is a new female class with a very large two-handed sword named Slayer. She wields the power of dragons and is a descendant of the dragons herself. You’ll be able to enter tomorrow, March 30th, and pre-create your very own Drakania through April 6th.

Other changes that are coming in the expansion and later, include an update to Balenos, one of the game’s oldest regions. Balenos will get an improved questline and new cutscenes and content. Localization is currently underway for this planned update, and there’s a video to go along with the preview.

Pearl Abyss also continues updating the character models and the look of prominent NPCs too, so this will be something you can notice as you journey throughout the world. 

Several of the game’s hunting grounds were also improved, based on player community feedback. The Calpheon Elvia Monster Zone got some access changes and new zones, as well as income adjustments. Access is going to be available to both normal and Elvia Ord camp zones on all servers. All of these changes and opportunities also let players have their own personal monster zone for one hour daily.

Pearl Abyss also announced new outfits, new skins for the Carrack set for Korea in May, then globally later, and future quality of life changes. There are also special gift packs ahead of the Eternal Winter update. You can read the CalpheON recap here with full details, including the gifts and coming changes.

You can watch the full CalpheON episode stream over at the Black Desert Online Twitch.


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