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Black Desert Online Players Have Killed 11 Billion Monsters in 2022 As Pearl Abyss Celebrates Three Anniversaries

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Black Desert Online has a slew of anniversary events coming up to celebrate some pretty major milestones for the MMO, specifically four years on Console, as well as its PC's 7th anniversary here in the West.

First things first: Black Desert on PC. The action MMORPG from Pearl Abyss is celebrating seven years here in the West, sharing an infographic on the lifetime statistics for the MMO. Players have killed over 11 billion monsters in 2022 alone across the NA and EU servers, with the Centaurus Axeman as the most hunted monster (over 511 million centaurs were culled).

Black Desert Online Infographic

The infographic also shows the most popular housing plot in each region, with Velia 3-1 taking top billing on the NA servers, while Heidel 1-1 takes the spot for the EU. As far as what people are playing, the most popular class was the Dark Knight, with the Sorceress, Lahn, Guardian, and Shai rounding out the top five. Currently, there are 8.3 Million characters across the NA and EU servers (note, this doesn't mean there are 8.3 million players, just that we like a lot of alts. Pearl Abyss has not announced publicly shared player counts across PC, Console, and Mobile). 

On the console side, on March 4th it'll be four years since Black Desert Console launched on Xbox, and three years since its cross-play was added with PlayStation players. To celebrate, Pearl Abyss is giving away tons of in-game rewards now through Wednesday, March 29th to players, including 1000% combat experience boosts, and login rewards. Black Desert Online PC is also getting into the rewards game, with extra Garmoth spawns, $160 in log-in rewards from February 28-March 29th, and a Pearl, BDO's premium currency, giveaway.

Pearl Abyss will also be hosting celebratory streams for both PC and Console versions, with the former taking place on Friday, March 3rd at 12 pm PST, while console will have its celebration the following day, March 4th, at 12pm PST. Both will take place on its YouTube and Twitch channel. 

We absolutely loved the cross-platform play on console when it was released three years ago, with Pearl Abyss bridging its PlayStation and Xbox userbases. Additionally, Black Desert players have had a ton to be excited about recently, with the release of two classes in the last two months: the Maegu and Woosa classes. The next major content update, the Land of Morning Light, is coming at some point this year, so now is a great time to hop in and start leveling up ahead of time. If you're a new player, check out our tips of five things we wish we knew when we first started our adventure in Black Desert.


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