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Black Desert Online - Pearl Abyss Celebrates Their 10-Year Anniversary

Congratulations to Pearl Abyss

Steven Weber Posted:
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Pearl Abyss, the developer behind the popular game Black Desert is celebrating their 10-year anniversary. In their release notice, they’ve provided some very interesting numbers regarding how popular Black Desert has become.

In the statement, Pearl Abyss thanks the 40 million players in over 150 countries on all four platforms for their support of the game over the years. In further detail, revenue was broken up by region, with 2 billion dollars earned since the launch of Black Desert in 2014. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 40% of revenue comes from North America and the European continent
  • 26% coming out of Korea
  • 34% spread across other Asian countries including Japan and Taiwan.

Black Desert has become quite popular, with versions on consoles, PC, and a mobile version that continues to surpass expectations. Recently, the Hashashin class has released, and received its awakening abilities on all platforms. The game has been so popular it even had a crossover event with the widely acclaimed Netflix series, Cursed.


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