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Black Desert Online Patch Notes Point to Refer-A-Friend Program Live Now

You and your friends can earn rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Black Desert patch points to a refer-a-friend program, which is live now.

The program runs from now until April 22. You can earn rewards by inviting your friends into Black Desert. Your friends will basically use your referral ID and can earn rewards as well. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you earn including Memory Fragments, Valks’ Cry, Cron Stone, Advice of Valks, Shakatu’s Rarity Box, and more.

Meanwhile, your friends can earn rewards upon reaching certain milestones like levels earned or hours played. Rewards include Enhancement Help kit, gold bar 100g, Pure Magical Black Stone, Advice of Valks, and a 50% discount coupon.

Additionally, certain events have ended, including Fortune Teller, April Fools 2020, A Knightly Pursuit, Charity Event Save the Wildlife, Find Your Oasis Event 1: Hot Time - Drop Rate Boosts, Spring Has Sprung, and the Spring Screenshot Contest.

Learn more about the update here.


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