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Black Desert Online Opens Summer Events, Including 30v30 Team Deathmatch, Sand Castle Shore-Down

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For much of the world, it’s summer right now, and Black Desert Online is celebrating with some special summer events, including Sand Castle Shore-Down, which pits team Otter against team Papu in a 30v30 team deathmatch event.

If you’d like to join in, new event-related quests that let you do the new summer weekly quests open. Sand Castle Shore-Down opens today and runs through August 24th. When you enter, you'll be randomly assigned to one of the two teams, Papu or Otter, and given a random role. These roles are warrior, caster, and healer, though the names vary depending on which team you’re assigned to. The Papu healer is called Holy Date Priest, while team Otter’s healer is called Holy Sea Cucumber Priest. Cute animals and fun sea and summer names aside, this will be a serious fight for rewards. It is team deathmatch after all.

In the 30v30 brawl, you score points by defeating  members of the opposite team, and the number of points you earn per victory depends on how many points the other character had when they were taken down. At the end of the 10-minute timer, both teams get rewarded but the winning team’s take is much better.

This is the centerpiece event, but the summer events involving Otters and Papus also include a series of daily and weekly quests, collections, and more. Among them are the Sand Castle Crasher daily quest, and the Clash of the Furr-some Papu’s and Otters, where you can drive out the other side and occupy the most territory.

“After 15 minutes of fighting, the side that has held onto territories longer wins.  The defeated Papus or Otters of the camp will remain in place for 5 minutes, to reflect on their team’s defeat. “

Overall, if you’re looking for something in Black Desert that is a little calmer than Drakania unleashing her dragon power on enemies, maybe some summer activities and seasonal competition is it.

See the event info over at Black Desert Online.


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