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Black Desert Online on Console Grants Awakening and Succession Skills to More Classes

It's the Guardians Awakened AND Succession

Steven Weber Posted:
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The rollout of the succession skills has been ongoing for a while now, and with the latest update for Black Desert Online on console, we see four more classes obtain their Succession skill sets. The Guardian, which has recently been released, will receive her Awakening skill set as well.

In the latest update for consoles, the Guardian will receive not only her Awakening skill set, utilizing the blade Jordun for holy flame attacks, but she will also be granted a succession skill set. Three additional classes will also receive their succession skills:

  • The Tamer
  • The Mystic
  • The Valkyrie

Over the past several weeks we have seen many different classes receive their Succession skill sets, and as with each one of them, special rewards were provided for players looking to level those characters and unlock their abilities. This patch is no exception, with Blessed Message Scrolls, Item Collection Increase Scrolls, and Advice of Valks rewards will be available to earn.

The Hot Time event will also be returning, starting today and will run until December 2nd. Players can earn 200% more combat experience, 30% more skill experience, and 50% additional item drop rate during this time. You can check out the full patch notes on the official forums.


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