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Black Desert Online Makes Guild Wars Fairer, Improves Horses, and Promises Sea Route Improvements

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Black Desert Online’s latest update brings the usual slate of fixes and balance changes, but also some major changes to make guild wars fairer. In addition, there are improvements to movement and mounts, and an update on The Great Ocean.

This is an extensive update, with more than 300 line items in the patch. Pearl Abyss continues working on both new features and improvements to older ones, so this follows those plans. Guild wars get a major update. Now, you will not be able to hold a guild war unless both sides consent to it. If you declare war on another guild, if they decline, that’s it. All ongoing one-sided guild wars started before the new update have been canceled, and the fee for declaring war has been eliminated as a result. There are additional changes to this process, like cooldown tweaks and UI updates.

Marni’s Realm also gets an adjustment, with the new time for the private monster zone resetting daily at 6 AM. Instead of just being available to you for 1 hour, 5 minutes unbroken, you can leave and return to use up to your time.

The Great Ocean event opened up new aquatic zones and let players said the currents to reach them.  Pearl Abyss removed all of the currents on August 9th after the event ended, which accidentally eliminated forward currents that were opening up certain sea routes. There are certain bugs affecting sea routes and an absence of UI elements indicating sea routes that will all need to be fixed but will take some time to do so. The team is committed to keeping the seas as part of the adventure possibilities.

“As a solution, we are currently developing a new terrain type exclusively for maritime use, called the Great Ocean. When this patch is implemented, the terrain will seamlessly transit from shallow waters to the open ocean when entering deeper waters, and the movement speed will be fully applied.”

A few tweaks should make horse riding work better, with all horses now learning Sprinting at 100% so you’re not going to fall off the horse when you try to sprint. If you had a horse with a lower sprinting skill, you should see it at 100% mastery now. This includes recent Dream Horses.

The team is looking for more feedback on overhauls to Node and Conquest War, to help them imagine a better form of one of BDO’s signature content options.

Read the full update details at Black Desert Online. 


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