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Black Desert Online Maintenance Today Brings End to Several Events

Maintenance to last 4 hours

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Maintenance for Black Desert scheduled for later today will see the end of several events.

First up, the maintenance is set to take place from 4p EDT – 8p EDT in North America. This translates to 10a CEST – 14:00p CEST in Europe, and 8a UTC – 12p UTC globally. The goal for this maintenance period is to begin a few events like the “Caption This!” event. Additionally, a chat group will be added for each class in the game. Increased AP and DP will be given to Shultz Guard in Suasan Garrison. Additionally, the Courier Training window will receive the success rate of awakening a Dream Horse to make things a little clearer.

Season Servers will also be added, as several events see their conclusion. For example, the mid season events will conclude today at 23:59p UTC. Additionally, the character pre-creation will also come to an end. You can read more about character pre-creation here. Waiting for Summer and Shai’s Got Talent will also end.

Specially, the winner of Shai’s Got Talent will be announced today, with reward distribution going out on June 24. Check out the full maintenance notes here.


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