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Black Desert Online Launches First Season Of Its Arena Of Solare, Kicking Off Ranked 3v3 PvP Showdowns

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Online's Arena of Solare is seeing its first season, pitting teams of three against each other in PvP action. The new arena's season brings log-in rewards, as well as prizes to win in the arena itself.

The Arena of Solare is a 3v3, matchmaking-based PvP arena that sees players duke it out for supremacy. Players will take to one of the three battlefields to fight each other and unlock new gear while also rising the leaderboards. The new arenas include the Manshaum Forest, Jade Starlight Forest and Cadry Ruins join the existing rotation of arenas during the preseason, which has been ongoing since June of this year

Via this morning's press release:

"The Manshaum Forest, Jade Starlight Forest, and Cadry Ruins join the list of Arena of Solare maps. Manshaum Forest is a lush and misty woodland arena, Jade Starlight Forest offers a frantic battle in an open field, and Cadry Ruins is an ancient amphitheater where players can strategically use the random objects that spawn in the arena. Players will need to employ their different combat strategies and gear to match the map and their own PvP style."

The Arena itself is BDO's first matchmaking-based arena that also aims to give players equal footing so it's skill and strategy that win the day, not simply the power of your weaponry. As such, players will see their gear equalized when heading into the arena. Season One of the Arena of Solare will also feature improved UI, specifically an improved ranking page where players can see each other's information as they attempt to ascend the ranks of the Arena.

Players will also be able to snag some rewards during Season One, such as log in rewards, including Glory of Solare, an item Pearl Abyss describes as being able to get player consumables and more. Those who rank high will receive special outfits at the end of the Gloryseekers event, which runs from August 17th through September 14th. A second event runs the whole of the two month season, giving players who win three times in Ranked Mode special enhancement items.

The first season will run till October 12th. Ranked Mode will be open Monday through Friday from 3-10pm PDT, while Saturday and Sunday will see the mode available from noon through 11pm PDT.


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