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Black Desert Online Is Setting Sail For The Great Expedition On October 23

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In an upcoming update to Black Desert Online Remastered, the MMORPG is setting sail for the Great Expedition on October 23. The new update will offer updates to the ocean-themed gameplay in the hopes to make "just as engaging as the land-based content."

As a result, The Great Expedition will bring with it a host of changes to the current and wind systems in order to make it "more realistic and skill-based." Additionally, the BDO update will include ship upgrades, a bartering system and a new Sea Boss: Khan.

The new systems also bring with it a new roster of ships and sailors to choose from. Players can also upgrade their Epheria sailboats and frigates into the new class of ship should they desire. 

Via the press release:

"The new ships, sailors and sailing mechanics will be used by adventurers while playing with the new ‘bartering’ system. Just like the sea-trade of old, this system will see players buy goods in one location, to sell them at a hefty profit at another location. Time is of the essence however, the prices of the bartered goods change every four hours, making it essential for players to find the most efficient sailing route. The new current and wind systems, and the new boats, will obviously play a big role in this. Successfully bartering items can yield players ‘Sea Coins’, a new currency that will allow them to buy highly coveted items such as the new ‘Heart of Khan’, a very useful item for any adventurer."

You can learn more about the new systems an upgrades on the official  Black Desert Online Remastered website. Additionally, if you missed it, our columnist Avery has just started his journey in Black Desert Online, detailing his first impressions in a new column series.


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