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Black Desert Online Is Free Right Now For Amazon Prime Members Through May 5th

Special Rewards for both PC and Console fans for Prime Members

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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So if you've not had the chance to dive into Black Desert Online for PC, now is a great time to start. Pearl Abyss has announced today that Amazon Prime Gaming Members will be able to get BDO for PC for free from now through May 5th.

The Amazon Prime Gaming deal is available for all members in North America, Europe and Oceania, and will be giving players the full game on PC to romp through. For those looking for console and PC rewards and drops, you can currently claim the Junaid Cat pet and the free game on PC, while console players will be able to claim the pet and the Fairy Irene costume on Xbox and PlayStation.

In addition to the drops today, Pearl Abyss announced that the next three months will be full of reward drops on Prime Gaming, so while the free PC game will only be available for the month, the Pearl Abyss team has more rewards for players in store. These rewards will be dropping on Prime Gaming from now through the end of June.

Via the press release:

"From April 7 to May 5, anyone with a Prime Gaming account will get a Game Pass making Black Desert Online free for players in North America, Europe and Oceania, Adventurers of Black Desert Online will get a free pet as well. Additionally, Prime Gaming members on Black Desert Console will receive special rewards including a free pet and the Maid Fairy Irene, both of which help players to find, manage and transport important resources. "

Currently ongoing on console are the events for the recently released Sage class for the platform. These events include special rewards for those who reach level 62 with the Sage before April 28th. Additionally, if you were wondering about how the team at Pearl Abyss, as well as other MMO developers, handled and kept their game worlds going during the pandemic, check out our latest feature on the subject.


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