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Black Desert Online is Free for a Limited Time and the Spring Season Servers Open

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Pearl Abyss continues to celebrate Black Desert Online’s anniversary with a number of events, giveaways, and activities. They’re giving the base game for free on Steam, discounting other packs, and setting up the new spring Season Servers.

The base game is now being offered via Steam and the official Black Desert Online site for a limited time. This is known as the Traveler Edition, and other packages with additional content will be available at a 70% discount. If you’ve been interested in Black Desert but on the fence, the price of free is always a good, no-risk incentive.

This coincides with the ongoing anniversary event, with the login events that offer in-game rewards of an estimated $160. The game will be available for free from today through March 9th on Steam and via the official site through Wednesday, March 8th before maintenance. The login event will continue through late March. 

Besides giving the base game away and the login events, it’s also time for new Season Servers. The season servers have a series of progression bonuses, including additional combat XP even through completing life skill activities. Maybe you decide to go fishing on a regular live server. You'll be able to earn combat XP for doing that. A character of the same level on the spring Season Server will get that same combat XP bonus and an additional boost to XP gain.

Pearl Abyss is highlighting fishing because there's a rare exclusive fish on the season servers, the Coelacanth. If you catch one, you'll be able to exchange it for seasonal progression items. One of the options is an item called Dreamy Crystal of Balance, which will give you guaranteed enhancement of Capotia accessories up to the highest possible level. Once the season servers come to an end, characters will be able to transfer to the live servers and continue their adventures. 

All of these promotions at the same time seem to be a good opportunity for those who are looking to get started. Head to Black Desert Online for more details.


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