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Black Desert Online Improves Summer Beach Events, Tweaks Classes, and Overhauls the Night Marker

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The latest Black Desert Online update improves the recently added summer beach events, fixes issues with several classes, lets players get crafting materials from green grade boxes, and additional quality of life changes.

The ongoing summer beach-themed events, including Sand Castle Crasher, have gotten improvements including clearer NPC names, placing merchant guild NPCs near the market, and some changes to the night market.

Sand castle Crasher also got some changes for the classes to balance their attacks, and health bars no longer displaying on the battlefield.

Who is the King of the (Sand) Castle PvE event also got some changes, including reducing cooldown on scrolls from 20 minutes down to one minute, added details on items, adding text that you can’t damage monsters while you were transformed using those scrolls, looting restrictions made for balance.

Changes are being made to the Night Market. First, players can store the 10 special food items that come from the night market in their family inventory. If you eat Night Market food, now you'll see a special animation. Cooldowns also work differently on some night market food items. 

The team at Pearl Abyss continues working to improve Black Desert Online in ways that make it easier to get started and to reduce some clutter and streamline some methods of doing things. Green grade loot was dropping in box form but now you’ll be able to use Heating on the gear or if you have any green grade gear you can also exchange them with blacksmiths to break them into resources.

The update is a large one, and the full notes cover the extent of the changes, but the rest of the update is concerned with fixes, improvements to screenshot mode, including being able to take separate screenshots of the background and the character. The team has also added new guild war missions, where you’ll be able to destroy monsters and places for special rewards.

Read the full update notes at Black Desert Online.


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