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Black Desert Online - Hashashin Receives Awakening Skill on Consoles, Anniversary Rewards Available

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Steven Weber Posted:
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If you’ve been waiting for the Hashashin class on console to receive his Awakening Abilities, wait no longer! The Hashashin receives their Awakening skills today in Black Desert Online.

The Hashashin is a popular class, that will have access to the following skills post-patch:

  • Ensnaring Sands - Use Hashashin’s powers to shift the sand beneath an enemy’s feet, trapping them in place.
  • Constriction - Hashashin can summon sand snakes that will constrict and bind your foe, rendering them immobile
  • The Paradise Surge - quickly close the recent gap between Hashashin and a given enemy to deliver a lethal blow.

The update will also provide access to a secondary weapon, and some celebration rewards both consoles, marking the first anniversary of Black Desert Online on the PS4. The rewards that players can obtain are:

  • 200 Cron Stones
  • Valk’s Advice +100
  • A rare boss chest will also be available for purchase from the Mileage shop for just 1 mileage.

The Hashashin originally released as a timed console exclusive, and is the 19th character class to be added to the game.


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